Billings Gazette: Quist, Gianforte tout education’s importance, but leave it off the airwaves (04/18/2017)

There are significant differences between the candidates. Quist says he’s an automatic ‘no’ on any school choice proposals that would direct public money toward private schools. Gianforte supports school choice, but was wary of federal proposals.

Gianforte is a notable supporter of private education in Montana. His foundation funds Petra Academy, a Christian private school in Bozeman, and he is a major contributor to a scholarship program for private schools. But he said that options like tax credits, vouchers and education savings accounts, which all use public money to subsidize private education, have their limits.

“I am a fan of parental choice in education, but it should be done at the state level,” Gianforte said. “Parental choice works in our larger communities. The economics don’t support multiple schools in rural Montana.”

Gianforte repeatedly emphasized the importance of local control.

“I have faith in parents and local school boards over bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.,” he said.

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