Daily Inter Lake: TRUMP JR. MAKES PITCH FOR GIANFORTE (04/21/2017)

“It’s going to be viewed as a referendum on Trump,” Trump Jr. said, adding, “… Let’s show him and the rest of the world, and certainly the rest of this country, that this wasn’t a one-time thing in November or some sort of fluke, because it wasn’t.”

“This election gives us a really clear choice,” Gianforte said. “Do we want a businessman who’s created jobs, who’s going to work with Donald Trump to preserve our liberties and rein in this reckless federal government that’s grown out of control? Or are we going to send someone back who’s going to side with Nancy Pelosi and the obstructionist tactics of the left? In a sense, this other guy [Quist] is really just Nancy Pelosi in a cowboy hat.”

Telling an anecdotal story of an East Coast reporter who asked him how many guns he owned, Gianforte stated, “The right number of guns is always one more,” followed by a loud applause from the crowd.

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