Meet Greg

Greg fell in love with Montana over 40 years ago when he first came here on a school trip. Greg built a life, started a small business and raised a family in this state.

Married for 32 years, Greg and Susan raised their four children in Bozeman hunting, fishing, rafting, climbing, skiing and backpacking on Montana’s public lands.

They founded RightNow Technologies two decades ago in their Bozeman home, and they grew it into the town’s largest commercial employer, creating over 500 high-paying Montana jobs.

Greg spent his entire career focusing on creating jobs and opportunities. He founded five different start-up companies. He’s worked to improve Montana’s economy through the “Better Montana Jobs” project. He also launched scholarship programs to help low-income students and veterans pursue the education and training they need to start a career in Montana.

After spending 34 years in the private sector, Montanans entrusted Greg to be their voice in Congress. Serving as Montana’s congressman, Greg has worked with President Trump to cut taxes, stop job-killing regulations and protect our Montana way of life.

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