Results and Priorities

Providing Relief

Our administration is committed to putting even more money back in Montanans pocket

  • Largest tax cut in state history, cutting rates for Montanans at every income level
  • Largest income tax rebate in state history – up to $2,500 for a family
  • Largest property tax rebate in state history – up to $1,350 for Montana homeowners
  • Increasing business equipment tax exemption from $100,000 to $1 million
  • Our fiscally responsible budget gave us a $2.8 billion surplus because your money belongs to you


Our pro-business, pro-jobs policies are working, providing more opportunities for hardworking Montanans amidst Joe Biden’s nationwide affordability crisis

  • Montana is debt free thanks to our historic surplus
  • Record job creation 
    • Over 40,000 good-paying jobs created since November 2021
  • Record business creation
    • 60,000 new businesses created in 2023 alone
  • Record low unemployment
  • More Montanans working today than ever before

Crime & Public Safety – Border

Joe Biden’s soft on crime and open-border policies have no place here in Montana

  • Back the blue by fully funding our law enforcement
  • Cracked down on criminals pushing dangerous drugs in our communities
  • Montana has taken action in securing the southern border and curbing the flow of fentanyl by sending the MT National Guard to help Texas with Operations Lone Star
  • Signed a law that cracks down on fentanyl traffickers by imposing a mandatory minimum sentence of two years of jail time, a $50,000 fine, or both, for anyone convicted of trafficking fentanyl in Montana
  • Increased access to treatment and recovery services for those struggling with addiction
  • Historic $300 million investment in behavioral health
    • Increasing bed capacity at community residential facilities
    • Issuing one time grants to providers offering behavioral and developmental services
    • Expanding mobile crisis response services
    • Improving access to community-based addiction treatment and recovery services for non-violent offenders
    • Expanded peer support services

Eliminating Red Tape

The state government should work to make life easier for Montanans, Governor Gianforte has done that by cutting unnecessary regulations and streamlining processes

  • Our administration began the red tape relief initiative, which has repealed or amended 1,866 regulations, or nearly one-fifth of all regulations. This has reduced burdensome regulations on families and businesses, allowing more Montanans to thrive
  • Cut red tape and overhauled regulations to increase housing supply for Montanans to make housing more affordable and attainable
  • Stood a bipartisan Housing Task Force to develop more attainable solutions
  • Provided the roadmap for the 2023 legislative session where historic housing reforms were passed otherwise known as the “Montana Miracle” 
  • Reformed land use to make it faster, easier, and cheaper to build homes
  • Invested $100 million to expand water and sewer infrastructure 

Public Lands

We are committed to protecting our public lands, promoting better stewardship of them, and increasing Montanans’ access to public lands

  • Increased access to public lands, including 100,000 acres in the Big Snowies alone
  • Signed House Bill 883 into law that gives $60 million to increase the pace and scale of management practices that improve forest health, reduce wildfire risk and increase wildfire preparedness. This allows 6,700 more acres of forest to be managed
  • Since assuming office, the state has put 36,000 forested acres under management, up from 11,000 in 2020
  • During his first year, the governor expanded Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area
  • The governor also highlighted public lands successes from his first two years, identifying access deserts on every navigable river in Montana, as well as creating Bad Rock Canyon WMA, Somers Beach State Park, and the Big Snowy Mountains WMA